Polish folk music - Canadian musicians - Multicultural way!

Created by two courageous ladies from Poland, singer Ewelina Ferenc and dancer Ala Stasiuk, Polky Village Band is not a typical "polka band" but an authentic, energetic Polish-Canadian folk music group.

Started in January 2017 the band came together through a shared passion for the unique and enigmatic style of Central and Eastern European folk music. Here in Toronto, Ewelina met dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk. They were eager to share the music and dance they learned growing up in Poland with some incredible Canadian musicians.

Polky Village Band takes you on a musical journey to Poland, the melting pot of Eastern and Central Europe where you can hear Carpathian, Jewish, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Slovak and Hungarian influences.

The band performs folk songs and dances that Ewelina and Ala learned while growing up back home, and now they share them with incredible Canadian musicians & friends they acquired in Toronto!

Polky Village Band has performed at the Danforth Music Hall, opening for Lemon Bucket Orkestra and Boogát,  the Aga Khan Museum, Polish and Ukrainian Festivals ,the Summerfolk Festival, the Ashkenaz Festival and more.

They present music and traditional instruments currently reviving on the Polish music scene and create their own unique sound by adding Canadian and multicultural flavor!


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Ewelina Ferenc - band leader, lead vocal, baraban, Polish frame drum
Ala Stasiukvocals, dance teacher
Georgia Hathawayfiddle, vocals
Matti Palonencellohammer dulcimer, vocals
Stacey Yerofeyeva - accordion, vocals

All the photos on our website by Polina Teif (http://www.polinateif.com/)